Our Mission

To start off we are all a family. We all share one common goal and that is to get better each and every day. Most people might think of us as an “advanced” gym. Our answer to that is every single person in this gym started somewhere. Not one person came into this world in shape or with abs. They have put in the work each and every day. The motivation and comradery that resides inside Independence Gym is what keeps our members and guest coming back. Not to mention we have the widest array of equipment you will find at any other facility. 

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Monday-Friday 5am-10pm

Saturday 7am-7pm

Sunday 8am-4pm



Saturday 7am-7pm

Sunday 8am-4pm

RESERVE YOUR WORKOUT TIME SLOT UP TO 24-HOURS IN ADVANCE: All members will absolutely need to book a workout reservation up to 24-hours in advance so we can help control capacity at any given time. This current phase of reopening will limit the capacity in the gym to be about 75 members at any given time, so please be sure to reserve your workout time slot. Accounts will be reinstated as you reserve your time slots.

Face covering guidelines as mandated: Face coverings do need to be worn at all times while you are in the gym. This is a non-negotiable. If you can’t (or won’t) wear a face covering, now is not a good time to hit the gym. Now more than ever we need to earn the right to stay open. Your Independence Team Members will be enforcing this to the best of our ability.

– Members are required to sanitize every piece of equipment prior to use and after use, utilizing the cleaning spray and paper towels provided by Independence Gym.

– Members with potential symptoms or high-risk individuals should remain home. 

– Members are to maintain 6 ft of social distancing while in the facility.

– Limited number of members will be permitted in clubs at one time.

– Staff continuously circulating to discourage close proximity workouts.

– CDC recommended disinfectant and hand sanitizer will be available to members in all areas of the club for wiping equipment before and after use.

– Drinking fountains will not be available 

– Social distancing with cardio equipment – Every other piece of cardio equipment will be turned off to maintain at least 6ft spacing between members 

– Lockers and showers will be closed off

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